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The Cat at Night Collection

Based on illustrations from Dahlov Ipcar's much-loved children's book, "The Cat at Night," these pillows show not just cats, but all kinds of wildlife: skunks, frogs, deer, and owls. And for fans of more domesticated creatures, there are cows and a dog. Shop soon for best selection! 



Live in Maine?

Shop for the Dahlov Ipcar Collection at:

Tthe Portland Museum of Art

The Farnsworth Museum

The Maine Jewish Museum

Maine Farmland Trust

The Ogunquit Museum

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Classic Rug Collection is delighted to introduce the third collection of Gee’s Bend Quilt Collection Rugs, based on the quilts by the world-famous women from Gee's Bend, Alabama. 

Based on the work of the noted Maine artist and award-winning children’s book author. There are four styles of hand-sewn chain-stitched pillows and rugs featuring copyrighted dog and cat illustrations from The Cat at Night, Black and White, and The Art of Dahlov Ipcar